Sunday, December 5, 2010

Eight Walls

I'm standing in the center of a room with eight walls. Each one has a color of its own and a door of its own. I stand at the center of the room. The walls start spinning around. Slow, fast, faster, faster. The colors blend into each other.I try to run to the door but get thrown back everytime I run towards the door. Cannot understand anything. Things moving fast around!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Friendship Day!

I received two cards for friendship day! One of which was made by me! (Ah! Never mind!). Really touched! (Teary eyes!)

Happy Friendship Day readers! Love you all!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Aarrgghh! They're drilling the floor above mine! Got a headache. Going to eat a pastry..anyone joining?

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Not-So-Green Other Side

Dayaram sleepily watched as his sheep lazily munched on the not-so-green grass. His dhoti, once-white, was draped with the excellence of an expert. I wondered whether I would recognize him if he wore pants! With his once-green turban tilting down to one side and his face, having more wrinkles than the number of folds in his turban, he sat perched on a not-so-high rock tearing out of the Earth and projecting itself in sheer revolution! Dayaram didn't seem to revolt though. He seemed in a state of semi-nirvana. Above the world just him and his sheep. They're addictive. Sheep.

Talking about sheep, as I have seen them since my childhood, they're creatures that emit huge amounts of boredom. The kinds that will make you yawn. They don't even have a singular (or plural, either ways) noun for themselves! Nothing personal against them though, besides lambs have even succeeded in looking cute at times! That's quite an achievement.

There wasn't much difference between Dayaram and me. Just a mug of hot chocolate and a glass window, I was on one side of it and he on the other, that's it. And the sheep. He owned them and watched them and I simply watched them.

With squinted eyes, as I tried to count the sheep, I subconciously wished I was on Dayarams side of the difference. Perched on the not-so-high, revolting rock, thinking of the unthinkable, watching my sheep munching on the not-so-green grass.

Aah! Finally Back!

Feels like sucking in large amounts of oxygen again! How I missed blogging! Life is good! Really good! Touch wood! Wriggled out a way to blog somehow! Hoping to get regular again. Touch wood again!

Standing on a lush green mountain peak with the wind blowing right in my face! "Aaaaaaaa.." I shout out as loud as I can, hand spread out over the sides as if directing the sound where to travel. My voice echoes around me! I smile! This feels really great!