Thursday, May 18, 2017

Happily Married!

I absolutely am not sleepy yet,
But there is nothing about which I want to talk,
So again I go early to bed,
Making an excuse of my morning walk.

He walked right out without turning back,
Without a hug or a goodbye kiss,
I am not surprised or taken aback,
I now don’t expect any of this.

I smile at him when he returns,
And go back to reading my book,
He drowns into his mobile and my heart yearns,
Just for one reassuring look.

I often give in when our opinions differ,
I have no will to prove me right,
Nor do I have an explanation to offer,
Where is the point to start a fight?

We are happily married they say,
They must be so damn right,
They cannot see the dark dismay,
They only see the light!

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