Saturday, September 22, 2007

A visit to the Hospital.

I vividly remember that once as a kid I had to write an essay "A visit to the Hospital" and I couldn't really think of what to write. I guess God has his own ways of teaching! The last entire week I spent on a hospital bed, a 6x2 white plank, absorbing enough material to complete my essay!

Before we go any further let me help you detail the picture of the hospital you have already drawn in your mind. The sheets are almost sickeningly white and so perfectly spread on the beds that you feel scared you might spoil them if you lie on them. There is no corner, absolutely no corner in the large home where life lives that doesn't smell of some wierd chemical composition that will make you vomit. The nurses and the compounders are always carrying a grim face and talk to one another in such subdued whispers that make you feel " are they conspiring against me?" The doctors, the files, the syringes, the big box of tablets, the tiny rooms and large machines just go ahead to add to the nausea!! The fellow patients, well to me they were a source of inspiration, entertainment and warmth! (I might be a total bitch to think other patients are entertainment but if I do not deny the fact!)

One thing that struck me the most during those 6 days was that no one wants to be in pain, yet no one ever surrenders!! You're there, that's a fact, now either you cry your time out, sleep it out, pray through it or be all pumped up to recover! Pain doesn't take bribe to leave early!! I know that my pain wasn't big but when the pain is your's its bigger than anything else. When I watched Titanic and saw people drowning the other to survive I thought "What rubbish!!" now I just don't know what I would do! Now I know that one loves his body more than anything else in the world! The only question that plays in your mind is "Why me?". The series of answers that follow are helariously unreasonable!! At that time, somehow, they make sense!!

Anyways life goes on and I am more than glad it does!! I can only pray, pray that He gives us the strength to bravely live through all the times He's planned for us!

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Kris said...

recovering from a life-threatening condition in a hospital can also be inspiring, in the strangest of ways:

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