Tuesday, October 9, 2007


When a person doesn't quite have a respectable job(or any job at all) after doing (sickening) technical studies for 6 years, one's creativity is bound to narrow down(or maybe widen up) to measly unimportant issues. There are several things about cockroaches that fascinate me. Because (in classic English it is incorrect to start a sentence with "because" because "because" is a word that joins two sentences just like "and", "but" etc. however modern English doesn't really care a damn like mordern writers!!Sorry for the distraction!). Because I am not in the mood to write a good article(which, accidently, I sometimes do) I'll plainly list down my reasons.

1). I could not spell the word till the age of 22.( which is my age right now. I used the dictionary to type the title).

2). Their whiskers constantly move in a manner similar to how Bruce Lee's arms moved when he did the snake style.

3). When they die, they die on their backs, with their limbs straight up pointing to the sky. I secrectly try to immitate that pose when I am alone and believe me it's difficult!

4). The eggs they lay are as creepy as they are. It's a collection of tinnie, grain sized, brown, crunchy, rounded rectangles stuck close to one another. I observed the crunchy thing only today when I crunched a bunch of them.(No, its not my hobby, just Diwali cleaning.)

5). The variety of sizes is amazing. The swift, small one's innocently creeping up on your feet to the dangerous, threatening large one's in the holes of public toilets. The flying one's are the scariest one's!

6). Survey(or maybe plain science) says that they nibble on our earlobes if we do not move at all in the night!

7). A twenty year old survey says that cockroaches can predict earthquake. (Maybe we will soon need cockroach lie detecters now!)

8). They are spotted having sex on sinks very often. Bloody making out in public.

9). Their blood is colorless!( how boring is that, we cannot use them in khoon bhari maang! oops i forgot they dont have a maang..nevermind, forget it!)

10). You can make the words cock, croak, coach and kacho from it. (ok kacho doesn't make sense, but I couldn't think of more words and only 3 words is a shame!)

10) They are survivors!! Big time!!

I wish there would be a "Cockroach's Day" when we could train them for carnival's, cockroach races, cockroach delicacies etc. Okay enough of shit now! I must leave!

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jyoti said...

since u hav dne soo much research - u might as well use it in a story!