Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who & Why does one blog?

I have been blogging for quite sometime now(sadly so readers!) and I get these crazy fits when I wonder why I blog. The most obvious answer that comes to me is this: I have a lot of shit going on in my head(some of which I dare to call poetry!). No one in this wide universe has the patience to listen to all of it(in one life time atleast). Hence I torture this dumb screen. I bet if computers could scream, mine would be the noisiest one & if they had ears, my PC's ears would bleed! It's become a part of my metabolism now. If I wouldn't blog, the toxins would accumalate in my body and be the cause of several creative illnesses. Maybe I would take 3 rounds of the city with my hair over my face or maybe I'd sit on Andheri station and scratch the belly of every 3rd person in the first queue that gives tickets only for Western suburbs.(Btw that system sucks because in the hoard of humans you can hardly read the faded notice board saying "Western subrubs only". You realize this only when you reach the counter after waiting in the long queue. The person on the counter says "Central ka baju ki bari se" with an expression void of pity! wtf!!) Maybe I would try expanding my throat like a frog(I think I would do that well) or I'd try to kiss a flying fly. Maybe I'd try to paint a tube light pink or try measuring the width of a dead man's right toe's fingernail(with a vernier caliper because I never really learnt how to use one!). Maybe I'll name each street dog in Juhu or fight for women's rights!

Hence I blog.

P.S. :- A friend of mine suggested that I should take writing classes! (Whatever that meant!)


sneha said...

Excellent man!!Meghi u simply rock...:)

Khyati said...

my crazyyyyyy frnd!!!!