Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm a little tired of of seeing tired eyes. I'm a little tired of watching wrinkled frowing foreheads. I'm a little tired of watching people being pushed aside. I'm a little tired of being pushed aside myself & maybe even tired of pushing others aside! A little tired of searching. A little tired of hoping. A little tired of praying. A little tired of waiting. A little tired of clinging on. A little tired of pushing through. A little tired of crying. A little tired of holding my tears back. A little tired of thinking and a little tired of brushing questions away from my head. A little tired of making decisions and a little tired of falling back on fate!

The fire in me sleepishly fights the stormy winds. I fight my rapidly strenthening weaker side! I will not give in so soon, I will not surrender. I am angry with my Gods and will not talk to them till they don't answer my questions. My faith is unshakable, I know They'll answer me!

To my readers, maybe a few inspiring comments would make my day!!

(I'm feeling like a contestant pleading for votes in some reality contest!! ( I don't believe my humour is still breathing!!))


Meghna said...

wow!!! half a day since i've written this n no one even reads my blog :(

downright crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!! said...

oh dear, don u worry.
'To the question of your life you are the answer, and to the problems of your life you are the solution', jst remembered dis line. feel lik u hv hd enuf? take sum time off & do absolutely nothing . u ll find ur vigour.
take care..

Kris said...

hey...i do read your blog!!! blogger refuses to accept comments from my cellphone :( look, i even starred the post so that i can comment on it when i'm back home in bbay!!! advice for you is...struggle, but don't give up. sometimes life seems desperately lost, but it isn't.

try praying. it helps. it helped me too.

Meghna said...

U knw kris I always make it thru by praying but this time I refused to pray coz I was mad at my Gods. Was katti wid Him!!

I tried shoppin instead ;)

Kris said...

somehow, shopping never worked for me...but then again, i'm a guy :P