Thursday, November 1, 2007

Want to go to Nowhere!

"Will you come with me to Nehru Planatoriam?", my friend on the desk next to mine squeeked to me.
"Yes", I answered without the least excitement of being invited.
My eyes strained to sleep but the brain slapped me awake. Office is more sleepy today than ever! Sometimes you just cannot leave home at home and come to office. Thoughts and memories of friends lingered on my sleepy head. I knew that I've slept late last night. Now, however, I realized it must've been very late!! My target of 13 solutions seems like a mammoth task today. My eyes continue to wrestle to fall shut but I manage to keep them open. I wish I could run away, to a place where no one can trace me down,to a place where no one knows me!

The funniest things about offices is that everyone keeps working all the time!!

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