Saturday, December 22, 2007

10 ways to overcome a break up.

Ever since I learnt what love is, I learnt what a break up is. Okay I'm going to be brutally honest here. Most college relationships fail (unless ofcourse niether partner has other options!) Relationships at work place are dangerous!! I'd suggest don't indulge into it. But, "love" my friends, is when you dont think, dont analyze, you just flow, you just need!

"Loving someone as much as I love you, hurts but having that person not love you the same, hurts even more!!"

Not a problem, here are 10 things to overcome a heart break.

1) Dont lose confidence in yourself. If your partner doesnt love you then say "tough luck dude" and move on. You're way too good to love them. This is the most essential step. Loving yourself as a good human being is the most important.

2) Accept the fact that you made a wrong judgement by wasting your valuable emotions on the person. Its nothing worse than a wrong decision. Look at it this way, if you dont taste cheese cake and choc cake you wouldnt know which cake you like. "You have to kiss many frogs to find the prince."

3) Make it a point to vent. Whatever it is that you are feeling, fear, anger, hatered, grief, get it out of your system. Call him/her and say exactly what you think, it might not have immediate effects but in the long run you'll know you made your point before you left. (I'd encourage slapping!)

4) Indulging into alchohol/drugs etc doesnt mend your heart. Try staying away from it.

5) Dont put yourself in self pity. It'll take you only deeper. You're not going to be happy for a while but dont sulk about it, accept it. There's no need to curse the world and God and the concept of love for it, if at all you want to curse, curse the person who broke your heart!

6) No listening to romantic, sad, songs. It ruins!

7) Change your routine for a while. Since your current routine has a lot of memories change it. Delete all mails, messages etc from the person. Throw away all the soft toys, presents, cards, photographs, gifts you've recieved from the person!!

8) Have the will to forget the person. Where there's a will, there are many other options ;)

9) Have an eye to spot beauty. Dont give in for garbage again!

10) Dont, dont ever watch Devdas after a breakup. Believe me i'm saying it outta experience.

10 ways to avoid a heart break coming up soon.
Go ahead, be born again!! Cheers!


Meghna said...

I forgot one, Dont be in touch with the person for sometime. "We're just good friends now" is bullshit. Dont be so hard on yourself.

The Dog Blog Guy said...

Can I get a hard copy of these, laminated, for new year? :)

tweety said...

hey meghi!!if any of my friends are having a breakup will surely give ur url :) :)

Sankalp said...

I agree with Tweety.

Khyati said...

its very imp to accept the fact that we made a wrong decision and more imp to move on...
i agree wid all the ten ways!!!
listening to love songs can make you pathetically upset..
i wish i could hv read dat before...

jc said...

I have to give my views on this..
1. Agree
2. Agree
3. Disagree. your aim is to make yourself unaffected by them. by doing this you're demonstrating exactly the opposite. save your grace. you dont need to waste it on them.
4. Agreed... but you could celebrate the fact that you got saved from getting into a mistake.
5. Fully Agreed. Wholeheartedly.
6. why would one do that in the first place? anyways if somebody does, please dont.
7. Fully agreed.
8. yup. Agreed again.
9. though i agree, i dont think you choose who to fall in love with. (PS. theres a diff bet like and love)
10. Why in the world did you do that?

All in all, most of these things i found difficult to master. like the will thing. easy to say, hard to do. But you're great. So much info in so little time. good. steps in the right directions...

Meghna said...

@ all: Thnku for reading in :)
@jc: lolzz..heya!! Ok point no. 3 frm my point of view goes like this: If I am in a crowded bus n sme pervert tries to "misbehave" I'd rather turn around and whack him than move aside. I knw its not quite similar but u *mite* feel used and in succha case atleast once b4 walkin out foreva spit it out man!!
Point no 8: 1) step in "how to avoid a heart break" is gonna be Choose using ur heart n approve using ur brain!!

jc said...

'Choose using ur heart n approve using ur brain!!'

if only life were so simple...
i dont doubt it. what you say is saner. its just that practically its difficult, though not impossible.

windy said...

good advice.. but watta do if the damned flea bitten loser is at your workplace.. it was not an office romance but we changed jobs in good times n ended up together.. watta do talk or ignore completely..

Meghna said...

@ windy : I am sincerely sorry that I have little advice to giv..m jus anodr heart broken gal myslf :p but since i always hav something to say, had i been u, i'd bloody keep the "flea bitten loser" out of my sight(as far as possible). They say "out of sight is out of mind".

Aniket Thakkar said...

A nice take in Break Ups indeed... reminds me of the 5 stagesof grief so thought of sharing them with you(I did quite some research on the topic when I hit a bad patch... Us geeks are like that... We try to find answer to everything on google... and mostly we do get them!)

Every person going through a break up eventually goes through these 5 stages of grief, in no specific order, and take variable time to get over each stage:

1. Denial: This can't be true... She can not do this to me!

2. Anger: How could she do this to me... I certainly don't desrve this!

3. Bargain: Lets try and give it another shot... I'll give you some space... Lets talk things over...

4. Depression: There is nothing left in the world I wanna do now! I won't find someone like her ever again... i would never fall in love ever! I don't wanna live anymore!

5. Acceptance: Everything happens for a reason! Now I realize it was never meant to be! There would most certainly be someon who would understand who I really am!

This theory was by a German researcher and i found it sooo true.

Took me 2 and a half yrs to go through all 5.

Planning to go through the rest of your blog soon!

Vishwajeet Dangat said...

i agree with all 10 points...wish had read them before turning myself into DEVDAS....