Saturday, December 15, 2007

5 Questions on why God does what He does.

If God is all "God" then there are a few questions I'd like Him to answer. Since I am unaware whether He reads my Blog or not I'd like it if my readers shared their knowledge with me and enable me to add to the little I have of my own.

Q1) Where is Earth going?

Elaboration: Are we all just stuck on an unfortunate planet which simply cannot get over the sun? I sometimes feel like moving ahead instead of going round and round about the same thing. The millions of creatures, lives, species are all just moving around the one same thing for years and years and we none of us even know what the shit is goin on. We dont know why we've all been put together and dumped in this ride whose mechanism is spoilt and neither does it stop nor does it move ahead. Countless creatures live and die and live again and die again on the Earth, what for? What the hell is happening? Where are we going to? Are we going anywhere at all?

Q2) Am I born for a purpose?

Elaboration: What is my role on this planet. Amongst the numerous intensions, emotions, ambitions floating in the space wavering me from one place to another what the f**k am I supposed be doing? Why am I born? Why do I breathe? Why do I exist? To help others was how I used to answer myself till today. Why do others exist?

Q3) If He just planted us as puppets on Earth then why did He give us a brain?

Elaboration: We anyways dont know anything that is happening to us or going to happen to us, and even if we knew this was to happen there's little we can do to change it. Why then do we have a brain that questions us? Why do we have a conscience that bites us? If we dont make any difference then why do we attempt to?

Q4) If no one feels for anyone then why can't we stop pretending and expecting?

Elaboration: Nothing changes with or without my existance. Whether I live or die I'm not helping nor am I troubling. Maybe dear ones will miss me but thats the end of it. Am I in a process of becoming a memory? Like the buterfly that evolves out of a caterpillar are we all just memories that are in the process of being born? Are we all struggling just to be a "good" memory?

Q5) Why does He never answer me?

Elaboration: This is not the first time I've found myself caught in this emotional turmoil. Is He ignorant? Arrogant? Or am I to small to be answered?


lukwhostalking said...

hey!! iv just got up...this was prob the best way to start my day. apart from being entertaining ( which im guessing was not ur prime motive) these were questions that really make u think but at the same time there are no right answers to them.
Every one at some point thinks of these or other similar questions and finding no real answers,forms his own(or gets influenced by a) theory about them. Thats the only way to handle these i guess.

btw im proud of u....ask me y whn v chat the nxt time. ;-)

Kris said...

why do i have this compulsive urge to answer questions about god? i wonder :D

a1) the earth doesn't need to go anywhere. we don't need to go anywhere while we're on earth. the goal of our existence on earth is to make others happy, and thus claiming our own reward of eternal happiness when we die.

a2) yes, you're born for a purpose. you're born to make the world a better place. to make others happy. to love.

a3) we are not planted as puppets on earth. we are free to do whatever we want. some things make others unhappy, somethings make others happy, somethings make us happy, some things make us unhappy. it's all up to us, and we have a brain and heart to figure out what we want to do next. god only controls what happens to us, and no control over what we do to the people and things around us.

a4) i don't think "no one feels for anyone". i feel for lots of people. i feel for you too. i'm sure you feel for a lot of people, but you haven't realised or aren't willing to accept that yet. your existence makes a difference. your voice is heard. people around you hear you. you mean the world to someone. you need to figure out who.

a5) he is in you. he is in the people around you. don't ask "something in the sky". ask yourself. ask the people around you. look at yourself. look at the people around you. the answers are in front of you.

ps: i've actually forgotten so much of what i just typed till you prompted this response. you've renewed my resolve to make the world a happier place. he just spoke to me through your post.

thanks :)

Meghna said...

@ishan: I cannot settle for anything less than the answer that convinces me. but yeeeyyiii ur proud of me :)

@kris: thnks for taking the time to think over the thing that i'm thinkin over lik crazy!! :)

a1)I dont believe in "after death" funda though I agree that making someone else happy satisfies ones soul(while still alive!!)Let's say the rotating of the Earth around the sun n our existance is the procedure of an experiment. wat disturbs me is that the aim of the experiment is missing!!Ouch!! cldnt get more unsettling!

a2) Yes Sir!! :)

a3)"god only controls what happens to us, and no control over what we do to the people and things around us."
Does'nt God also control wat happens to others if He's controlling wat happens to us..hence he's makin us do wat we're doing..hence back to square one :D

a4) I feel for a lot of people too. I'd be only elated to know I am needed too..but somethings missing..the control to be able to love forever, to be there forever..dats missing!!

a5)I loved to read the last answer. It almost got a tear on the blade of my eyelid!! He troubles me sometimes, He keeps quite wen i ask Him. Hence I ask the sky!! :p

Its not that I dont have faith, my faith in Him is unshakable!! I am not questioning His love for me, but I cant not think of this wid that excuse!! My thoughts are like monkeys, hoppin and jumping from one branch to another, but in the end I do love my Gods!!