Sunday, December 23, 2007

That girl with sad eyes.

I stood right in front of her. She stared into my eyes. Her hair, golden in the sun, fell on her face and almost completely covered her left eye. Her small face seemed smaller with grief pressing it down. Her eyes scared me. They had too many tales to tell. I was afaraid to think of how her tiny body beared the weight of so many untold emotions. Her eyes spoke of love, of victory, of dreams, of betrayal, of fatigue and many which I cannot describe in words. Her ribbon arms were coiled around her body. She seemed a little bent with the pressures of life and the failures of love she had witnessed. Maybe it was'nt so, maybe I just percieved it that way. I was afaraid to drown in the abyss of her eyes. It was calm on the surface but I could see the storm within. The unforgiving, angry waves absconded themselves.

She tried to erase the few words she had written in her book. They would'nt go. She got paranoid. She erased with strong strokes. Futile efforts. She let out a cry while still trying to erase those words. I knew exactly what she was feeling. I cried too. She kept erasing but the words would'nt go. Tears of agony surfaced on the eyes but didnt flow out. I cried some more seeing her.

She looked up at me again. The book fell from her weakening grip. She stood for a second when our eyes held one another. Suddenly, she turned and ran. I was taken aback. She ran and ran away from me. Once while running she turned back and I saw one tear on her cheek. I shuddered. Something just struck me. My heart stopped beating.

She was my reflection!

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tweety said...

very well written!!!