Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A bird's eye view!

Hey! You don't know me. Let me introduce myself to you, I'm Flutter, a humming bird. Since the author of the blog seems to be kinda messy for the moment, I thought I should give this a try. I am not good at thinking like you humans are. Infact, most of the times I wonder whether that's a boon or a curse. I live a very simple life. I flutter around, find flowers, suck nector and go to bed before sunset. My name is flutter because I flutter around. Again quite simple. Even a humming bird would understand it.

I never understood why human beings did what they did. When I see it from here, from above, I feel astonished to see how helpless a super brain can be. What looks like an anagram for a human looks like a simple word for me. I wonder why human's take so long to understand. Maybe I do it well because I have a bird's eye view! You human's see things, then unsee them, then mess with them, then crib that you didn't see it. But actually you saw it at the very beginning, remember? Maybe it's an illness you humans have, like we have bird flu and stuff.

When I search for nector in flower, I choose the most attractive one's. If I don't find nector there I move to the next one. However, if I was a human I would find the nector, taste it, leave it there, go for the next flower, not find nector there, go to many more, taste some and avoid some, then realize that the first one was the sweetest one, return to it, find the flower has been emptied of its nector and then sulk that I didn't get the best nector. And then I would swear that tomorrow I'll suck whatever nector I get, and tomorrow make tomorrow, tomorrow again!! After having done all that I would wonder why I have to move from one flower to another for nector and sit and think why I exist. Had I flown from one flower to another without so much doubt I would probably realize that I transfer pollen and help in the creation of ye another beautiful flower!

But humans are humans. They have a super brain which they are proud of. Though I don't understand why they're proud of it. Maybe I don't understand because I'm just a little humming bird! In search of nector, I shall leave with a silent prayer for all those who haven't found nector yet!!


Kris said...

excellent story. nice thought for the day...or many days :)

btw hummingbirds don't flutter :)

Meghna said...

I wouldn't suggest arguing with a humming bird about what humming birds do!!

tweety said...

Excellent!!Too good..:)