Monday, February 4, 2008

Green, eyes.

Big eyes. Unusally big. They didn't blink. The stare was rock steady. They were like two oceans in which the waves had frozen with shame. They were eyes that challenged Him. Questioned Him. They reminded me of those animated cartoons with big, beautiful eyes. I knew them, I knew those eyes. I'd been seeing them forever, but in a different stare, in a different emotion, in a different color. Wide, blue, glimmering, steady!

Suddenly I saw a reflection of a green light in those eyes. Right in front of those eyes was a green light. Greedy light. The seconf in which the green light filled the eyes, they seemed to soften. The became smaller, like one's eyes become when one smiles. They became hopeful. A thousand stars twinkled simultaneously and faded just as soon. The green light blended in the blue ocean like two lovers meeting after waiting for a lifetime. It looked divine. A few seconds. The light faded and dissapeared. The eyes widened again. Still, straining and searching.

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