Thursday, February 7, 2008

I lost a portion of my sky.

I owned the whole sky
And happily played under its shade,
I ran around in joyful giggles
And opened my arms wide to embrace it
I lay beneath it with a comforting safety
And trembled with excitement
When it playfully poured
I observed it with awe
As it changed color from blue to pink
I adorned it with stars
And lovingly kissed them all goodnight
Now I lost a portion of my sky
Auctioned and lost to misery
A border has been pulled along it
A portion torn apart
A sky under which I can never return
A sky which is mine yet stolen
Of the shade and love it once poured over me
I lost a portion of my sky
Pray, get me back my sky
Because I've lost a portion of my sky.

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tweety said...

Its so touching...