Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Time I Move.

It's only 3 days before I shift to a new city. It's a strange feeling. A feeling of losing something. The strange part is yet to come. I do not understand this feeling of losing because, on close introspection, I've hardly earned any relationships in this city. The one's I earned I lost. However, I've inherted quite a few but they hold little value. It's not money, security, fame, name, glamour that's making me move. It's a search. A search for something I couldn't find in my hometown. A search inspired & motivated by the abscence of "me" at home. What am I searching for? Individuality. Courage. Courage to be me. Haunted by my past, I take measures to "move on". To make it. I'm tired of failures, I'm tired of relying on others for happiness, I'm tired of dreaming about the impossible. It's time I inject reality in me. It's time I move. It's time I move.


Slim said...

I am sure you will miss Mumbai... nothing beats this city. You may stray for a bit but eventually come back home :)

filter said...

Heyyy i think you deserve d brk


It's good you moved to a different city. Meghna life is beautiful and people who accepts reality the sooner they are better. Its a phase which everyone goes thru where you will feel innocence is beaten by selfishness. I am happy reading your blog but i am sure you will write on more realistic things rather than rosy things althougth they are likeable to read especially when written by a a writer whose heart is pure as yours.God bless.