Thursday, November 27, 2008

What the hell! Now what!

The God's have finally blessed me with a "day-with-no-work" day at office today! What do I do when I'm doing nothing? I blog. Yet, all's nice.
A question has been bothering me since two days. "What is the right way to live?" Damn! Why do I think so much? There have been times in my life (many of late) when I feel afaraid to choose the right thing. I can see this ideal life with ideal people and everything rosy but I'm scared to choose it. Why? Do I doubt myself? Do I have a low self esteem? Do I not trust my own decisions? :(
I have three worlds. My world-world A. A new world-world B and a world which marks the differences between the two worlds-world C. The third world is inside my head, the other two are tangible(I guess!). I'm happy in both of A and B. I am, trust me! C is responsible to map A to B which is a mammoth task to do. That's what scares me I guess. Now I'm here, and then in a split of a second there, and eventually either nowhere or everywhere! Phew!
It's not that important I guess, and I'm often told "don't think so much" but I needed to get it out of my system and puke it onto this virtual paper!

P.S. : At a time like this when Mumbai is at the gunpoint of terror my social awareness wouldn't allow me to blog w/o making a reference to that. Well, I wish I could do something about it, but a minute, can I do something about it even now?

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