Monday, December 1, 2008


I was reading some of my articles written in several different moods, situations and emoctions! It feels beautiful to see how you've grown over years! It's almost amusing to read how some trivial thing meant so much to you then! It feels beautiful to read the comments! People who were there then and sstill are there for you. People who came like a stormy gush of wind and left. People who came like a soothing balm, healed and left.

Today I realize that I've been a blessed child of the All Mighty. My hand has always been in His. There is so much that I have today. So much I can give. I thank you Lord for the abundance of Your love and blessings!

Just as I kneel to pray and shut my eyes I see a house far far away from the crowd and havock. A small house made of neatly placed red bricks. A tiny door welcoming me inside as if smiling at me. A cute little chimney with surprisingly white smoke coming out of it. Royal blue curtains sitting calmly over the glass windows. Green trees and pink flowers dancing in the golden sunlight! Goodness me, I'm getting gooseflesh!


tweety said...

I have read all your blogs three times!!! Its feels good. Keep writing :)

rajesh said...

pucchu hai puri.