Tuesday, February 10, 2009


She sat hiding in a dark corner. She looked down towards the floor. Maybe she was searching for something, maybe she didn't want to see who is coming towards her. Her cheekbones were prominently visible under her eyes and reminded me of the large rocks that stick out over the oceans. Her skin had lost its color. Her lips were pale like the dying smoke of a fire. Her eyes were contradicting the rest of the faded look. They were big. The were black, and they stared with a certain statement, a certain command. Those eyes would make you feel like behaving, feel like being good. One glimpse of her eyes and I said to myself "She's still alive!". Yes, she was still alive. She was still alive in those big eyes.
A flood of new emotions exploded in those eyes the moment she saw me. The rest of her face didn't flinch. I could see a flash of a million memories in them. I think she saw the same in my eyes. I tried to see myself the way she saw me. Goodness! I looked different. I looked alien to myself. Everything that I was once proud of was gone. I had started treasuring new feelings. I didn't know the worth of these new thoughts but I suddenly realized the worth of the ones I had lost! One thing, however, remained the same. My eyes.
I stretched out my hand to her. She hesitated. I waited. Tears had been rolling down my eyes and I hadn't even realized this!

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