Thursday, February 26, 2009

Run Dear, Run!!

She looked behind cautiously. No one around. The hallway was dark. She looked kind of cute! She wore denim that lingered just below her knee. A perfect white t-shirt, loosely fit, reading "Pepe Jeans", her favorite brand! A green and black colored bag hung on her shoulders. One big bottle of water stuck out the half open bag! She wore white sporty looking shoes. Her hair, tied up untidily often mischievously fell on her face. She jogged out of the dark hallway without making the slightest of sound. After every few steps she turned around to make sure no one was watching her. Her heart was beating in her head.
She saw a big iron gate, a very old one, a very strong one! She ran faster towards the gate! For a second she thought her next step would be in the air and towards the sky!!! A smile suddenly trespassed across her face! She squeezed herself out of the gate! She was out of there! Out of there forever!
Twilight had just set in and the birds warmly sung welcome songs. The road ahead was empty and smelled of freedom. It was the same road on which she had walked for years, but today she looked around as if she was in wonderland! She walked further from the iron gate. She didn't turn back even once, she didn't miss anyone, at least not yet! The sun peeped in thinking "Where did she get so much courage from?"! Gradually a lonely car or two passed by. A song found its way to her lips.
A milkman passed by on a bicycle. "Excuse me!" she screamed. He stopped and turned back. "Can you drop me at the station?", he nodded his head to say "Hop on". She jumped onto the back seat in a weird way to avoid the large cans of milk. The bicycle moved slowly, just right for the pace of the song on her lips! The gentle morning breeze brushed through the dancing strands of hair. She moved further and further from routine. Life was like a toy now. A new toy waiting to be explored.
She jumped into the train just in time. It started with a jerk. Her head hit the wooden seat. "Shit" the girl sitting next to her yelped and reflexively rubbed her head. In a split second they both broke into laughter!

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sneha said...

Good one :D Lets run meghs