Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To My God

"Arziyan saari main, chehere pe likh ke laya hoon,
Tumse kya mangun main, tum khud hi samaj lo"!

The ocean is getting noisy God. The trees are frantically swaying like wild
horses revolting on the sharp slash of a whip. Dark clouds blacken the slightest drop of clarity. I can see a distant figure deep in the ocean waving a hand for help. "Shit, it's drowning"! I want to help but I am too small to do so. I narrow both my eyes in concentration to focus on the figure. I immediately know who it is! It's happiness!

I am watching the figure drown in despair. Suddenly a warrior ray of sun
tears the cloud apart and spreads like a smile over the place. I raise my eyes from the drowning figure to the victorious ray of hope. Soon, many a tiny rays fight through the darkness! The sky looks like a gold studded saree that the goddess of purity wears!

Everything seems to calm down. The trees turn gold and the ocean a collection of glittering stones! I search for the figure. Happiness seems to have settled in each dew drop, in each pattern on the butterfly's wing!

Be there God, in my heart, as love, as peace, as forgiveness, as truth, as
courage, please be there!

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