Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get Up, Please Get Up

She frantically looked around. Nothing. Not a soul. She ran through the dense woods, where she was lost for the last 2 weeks, trying to find a way out of it. Dried leaves crunched under her feet with every step she took forward. She wore an ugly gown of scratches and wounds. With torn skin over her left eyebrow and a hurt knee she limped forward as fast and far as she could.

When it started she had told herself to be calm. She would find a way out soon. It wouldn't be so bad. She had to keep her cool. Time had taken it all away. Her energies had worn out with failures and faith shattered with fears. She had spent many a nights crying, scared of the dark, scared of the violent screams of the jungle. What if ruthlessness swallowed her existence forever?

Exhausted she sat down. She was breathing hard gasping for air. Her lungs pained. Her eyes swept the area around her. The blue of her eyes was slowly surrendering to the powerful red of fatigue. She wanted to get out of there. Somehow. She thought about how happy she was just a few months back. She thought she had everything and things would always be good. Now, here she was, tired, disgusted, scared and lost. A tiny tear shyly ran down her cheek. She prayed.

I quitely wipe my tears as I watch her struggling for the life she had once envisioned. I pray for her too. Deep down in the darkest corners of my heart a fear lurks, growing stronger with each moment. What if she gives up? What if surrenders to cruelty? What if she doesn't get up and run again? What if the tears freeze? Get up, please get up!

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Sneha said...

You shouldn't be having doubts in first place, only then she can be strong! *She* needs your help, you dont lose hope :)I know her very well and she is strong enough to deal with realities of life!