Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lemme Go!

Tiny droplets of water trickled down her hair. A shiver ran down her spine. She smiled. She wore a simple green checked shirt coupled with a deep blue jeans. Wet from head to toe, she stood thrilled before the mirror. Minutes back she was standing in the house of God, under the black sky that seemed to bend down and kiss her gently. With arms wide open she allowed the rain drops to soak her with the rhythm that they magically weaved. Slowly she lost herself to the graceful motion from the heavens to earth and back to heaven! She blended with the droplets and her body flowed with the water that seeped through the craving Earth. She chose to surrender, she chose to lose herself.

Here she was now shivering in her tiny room that she shared with two friends. She looked at a droplet of water that slowly slipped itself down her cheek. She looked different. Her hair was a darker shade of black when wet. It looked more beautiful scattered than neatly tied. The kohl she applied had taken the freedom to cross its line and touch her soft skin. Her big eyes looked bigger as if they would swallow the entire planet. Every time she blinked her eyelashes swept the diameter of the Earth. It looked as if huge silk curtains had been dropped on a magic performance.

"Where is she?" she thought to herself. "Where is this girl I can see in the mirror? This girl who has nothing unreal to her, no boundaries, no inhibitions, no limits. Where did I leave her?"

"Are you crazy? You'll catch a cold!", her roomie walked towards her with a towel in her hand.
She smiled, accepted the towel and walked away with it.

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Sneha said...

:D :D

Your roomies are awesome. Tell Reva and Alucheri that I miss them :)