Monday, July 27, 2009


She sweated in the air conditioned room. I wonder if anyone noticed that. It meant a lot to her. Not that it was important, but because she had put in so many efforts she really wanted it to go well! The conference room didn't have too many members. The light from the projector hurt her eyes.
"You still don't have the awareness and moves of an expert", she thought to herself, "your moves on the stage should be graceful and confident!" she made a mental note to work on this.
Chin held up high, she started to give her presentation. Her voice surprised her. She remembered a training where she was taught that during a presentation your voice should come from your stomach. She was gifted with that. She didn't need to make too many efforts.
She tried to read the expressions of her audience. Some listening, some judging her work while the others simply judging her!
She went ahead slide by slide. Confidence increased. Ouch! There came the first question! Christ! She listened carefully. She answered. Confidence shooted up!


Meghna said...

This post is dedicated to vishwajeet! His comment in my previous post motivated me to pen down this one! Cheers!

Vishwajeet Dangat said...

Cheers...Thanks..keep writing...