Monday, August 31, 2009

Gem and Joy

The tiny twins walked by the river bank. The Earth blossomed golden under the rays of that big, orange, floating pump of light. The tinkling sound of the water flowing down the rocks unified with the giggles of the girls. Music.

Gem and Joy, both wore a plain cotton frock, purple in color, with pink tiny petals printed over it. Their curly locks often obscured their cute, little, chubby cheeks. The six year olds played with the water, with the trees, with the shadows, with God himself!

As they fluttered around like playful butterflies, from an island far away, came the boat. A shabby, wooden boat. A middle aged man sat rowing peacefully.
"Jump in" he said, trying to steady the boat that danced on the tunes of the waves.
Impulsively, Gem hopped into the boat. She looked at her sister and chuckled playfully. Joy returned the chuckle with equal enthusiasm. The boat rowed away from the river bank.

Gem shrieked aloud in excitement. Joy echoed. The boat rowed further. Gem stood in the boat facing Joy waving her experiences towards Joy. Joy was elated to watch her twin sister in that boat.

The boat rowed further. Gems smile withered. She looked at the man rowing the boat. This is just a game isn't it? Joys head was tilted towards the ground. Her face looked smaller when she grieved over something. She stood on the bank watching the boat go further down the river. Gem now knew this was really happening. She stood frozen, not taking her eyes off Joy. Joy didn't blink either! Joy stood by the river bank till Gem was only a small purple speck against the vast blue of the sky and the river together.

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