Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Jazz Trance

The trumpet boldly reverberates into my veins. I feel all my muscles loosen up. The saxophone along with the drum beats slowly spread the musical drug in my body. There is a particular lethargic energy to the music. I feel both relaxed and extremely excited at the same time. The vibraphone tinkles by the notes of the piano. The entire experience is magical with the music alluring me and binding me to itself! The instruments totally complement one another and together seem to complete the universe. The notes take their own luxury and time to complete making the music sound like an elongated heaven. It's as if the notes, with their own free will, are performing a dance to seduce the skies to come and kiss the seas, so to steal the horizon from them!

Gradually the music plays slightly faster, still retaining the beat. Silence! After the peak follows a silence for a split second! Then again the same dragged notes. I feel as if I have come beyond myself. A peak where I was a complete me. The silence pushed me out of my absolute completeness and here I was, unified with the notes, floating in space!

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