Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Diwali


Once upon a time there was a little girl named Mango. Mango loved the festival of Deepavali and often lit many lights and filled her house with fresh flowers to celebrate one of her favorite festivals! Mango would sms all her friends and run to the phone to receive calls from her dear ones.

Mangos mother would prepare delicious lunch and make sure that all the items that Mango liked are covered in it. Mangos papa made sure that the refrigerator was full of chocolates as he knew how much Mango enjoyed them.

She was pretty bad at making rangoli, our Mango, she couldn't keep her hand steady at all! Nevertheless, with all her enthusiasm and all her spark Mango would spend hours sweating, preparing the best kind of rangoli she could. Mangos sister often mocked her saying "You are scaring the guests away with your rangoli Mango!". They both laughed and enjoyed a lot of Diwalis together.

However, this Diwali, Mango is alone, far from home. The spark however, doesn't die. Even today, as Mango watches the world lit up, from her 9Th floor cubicle, from where buildings, cars, shops everything dissolves into only a speck of light, she knows that this Diwali will be different for her. Different in terms of expression, not in terms of emotion. Different in terms of geographic location not in terms of the connections of the heart. She is alone this Diwali, but she knows that someone is lighting a lite for her, someone is saying a prayer for her, someone is celebrating for her as well!

A very very grand Diwali readers :)

Enjoy your day to the fullest and thank God for all you have at this very moment!

P.S. All the while I was writing this post I Was humming the song "Mere tumhare sab ke liye, Happy Diwali" from the movie Home Delivery!


Aman said...

aww..well said! I can so connect to this..its my first Diwali that I wont be at home..

Happy Diwali!

Vishwajeet Dangat said...

A very happy Diwali to you too!

Sankalp Shere said...

Happy Diwali Meghna!