Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I want to feel warm :(

I want someone to write a song for me or make my painting or recite a poem for me or something special :( I want to mean the whole world to someone. I feel left out.

Am I really expecting too much? Is it too much to ask for? What do you think?


Nikhil said...

yes :)

lukwhostalking said...

shaadi.com :)

Meghna said...

@nikhil : Dont you feel his way sometimes? :(

@ lukwhostalking : kya shaadi.com..
bad idea!

Nikhil said...

meghna, no i never feel this way, but sometimes i do feel somebody wud sing a romantic bollywood/marathi song for me ;)
and yah.. shaadi.com is a good and quicker way to get it done ;)

Tej said...

arrey....surely u hav many admirer around u.They'll do it for u.But the problem is whether u will like it or not.

BTW,I am borrowing the song "Somebody is me" from album "Insomniac" of Enrique and dedicating it to u.

Aine said...

I understand. Totally. You sound exactly like I did at your age. (I'm guessing you are an Idealist personality type, too.)

And guess what? The good news is that it happened for me. I'm certain it will happen for you too! You have a beautiful soul, from what I can see. You'll find someone with the capacity to share the same depth of love (as you desire), and he will understand, too.

Meghna said...

@aine : :)
I did take the personality type test you know, but there were alphabets all over the place and eventually I forgot what type I am. The only thing I remember is that I am a "guardian" type :)

I am very important to many people in life, parents, friends, sister etc. and I am so thankful to God for that, but being the subject of a painting or the inspiration of a poetry must be so amazing a feeling!!

Vishwajeet Dangat said...

@ Megh I did write poetry for someone once and in fact the girl never read what all I had written.But ,I enjoyed it a lot and I wish I had shown her all that(difficult to retrieve from the dustbins emptied long ago.)M sure you ll get someone soon who's madly in love with you and do something or other to make you feel special.:).Amen.

Meghna said...

Poetry for someone huh? hmm..interesting :P

Actually I write poems or articles for peopl I love all the time because that is the only thing i can do :P

This is also one reason I often wonder what is sooo difficult to make someone feel special! I can do it in a jiffy :)

Vishwajeet Dangat said...

@Megh you writing for someone is quite different than someone writing for you or doing anything nice for that matter.:)

Gagan said...
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Gagan said...

updated version 1.01... :P

Okay lemme try a quick hand on this... forgive the casual approach to this attempt.. k :D

…of Jasmine and Daffodils

She belonged to the fields of Jasmine and Daffodils,
she said she would come to see the fields this end.
and there she was, standing on the hills,
enjoying a new sunshine,
looking, at everything, for her friend. :P

Few tides went by and then they saw each other,
Soon he slayed her (not literally) with his cold humor :P
PJs escaped... a one, a two, a three and a four...
and he knew his Bournville is gone forever:(

he would've made another attempt for his Bournville,
but she was short on time,
they quickly remembered good old fun and thrills,
and then she ran back...
back to her fields of Jasmine and Daffodils :)

lolzzzzzz… :D