Monday, November 16, 2009

3 Things I hate about Computers and Computing

Having spent around seven long years studying/staring at computers these are three things I hate related to them :

1) Architecture Diagrams.

Goodness me! Some freaking geek draws miniature shapes with innumerable lines drawn across them and every line virtually crossing every other line and we have to strike sense out of it! And then they say these drawings are to clarify concepts!!! Its more designed to make you feel like a really really small person on Earth. For every bundle of geeky brains who have drawn a visually creepy, crowded architecture diagram, dude you need anti depressant pills!!

2) Kernel

For some reason the word "kernel" sounds like something too far fetched and inaccessible to me. The "kernel", after all, is close to the hardware, isn't it? Well, it better stay there. A chill runs down my spine every time I think of kernel. Somehow reminds me of guillotines use to chop the heads of criminals. Kernels!

3) The Lack of Romance

It's unfortunate that I spend 10 hours of my day in front of a machine so dead! A machine that doesn't recognize my new earrings! A machine that doesn't cheer my successful bug solving, a machine that does nothing but give me a back pain! Only if I could spend all this time with something which was more lively, rather more alive!!!


Anonymous said...

Very true!! How much ever u try to grasp these lines and remember its always Volatile .
Memory span of one architecture is just until u read the other :P

Siddhesh said...

U could always show off your earings on your blog :P

Vishwajeet Dangat said...

nice 1 !
And I second sid on that one.:P

Meghna said...

No you guys dont get it..putting up new earrings pics on the blog is too over the top! Noticing is what any girl would desire. Geting the point here??


Vishwajeet Dangat said...

no..boys don't understand girls many (ok sorry most of) times ..even Shakespere says "A woman speaks many languages one of which is verbal."

lukwhostalking said...

well from my experience...the computer can be a great facilitator of romance.
And btw heres computing that you will love

Sneha said...

Awesome =))