Friday, November 27, 2009

I Am You!

I am that light at the end of the tunnel,

I am the darkness in your soul,

I am your fear,

I am your prayer,

I am the clouds that pour the rain,

I am the lightening tearing that cloud,

I am the warmth holding your tear and your cheek,

I am the the tiny hole that frames your smile,

I am your desire and your discipline,

I am the taste that touches your tongue,

I am the heat that burns your finger tips,

I am the moist memory of that kiss,

I am the dreadful dream of separation,

I am the sight you saw from the mountain hill,

I am the sound of mothers tinkling bangles,

I am the presence,

I am the loneliness,

I am your eyelids that kiss one another goodnight,

I am the diminishing moon trying to be the shape of your eyelids,

I am the twinkling stars of midnight,

I am the dying sun of twilight,

I am the pink of the flamingo,

I am the broken nail of your foot,

I am the blood of your country's enemy,

I am the sorrow of the deads kin,

I am the beggars plea,

I am the murderers guilt,

I am the screw that pulls up your chair,

I am the cushion that puts you to sleep,

I am your confidence,

I am your love,

I am myself,

And yet I am you!


Sneha said...

Awesome. Now I know what you do in office on weekends :P

tej said...

did u ever heared Metalica's "I am you" ? Quite similer thinking.

Meghna said...

Metallica has a song I am You?? I googled it cldn't find it!

Sankalp Shere said...


'I am the screw that pulls up your chair' :)

Tej said...

sorry that will be "Sad but true"

Lyric goes like...
I'm your dream, mind astray / I'm your eyes while you're away / I'm your pain while you repay / you know it's sad but true ...

Siddhesh said...

Nice one!!

Khyati said...

u actually wrote it... its awesome

Meghna said...

Hey khyati..on my blog afer a loongg time!! Thank you :)