Friday, April 23, 2010

The White Cloud

The white sand-like cloud in the sky floated weightlessly! While black clouds carry rains, the white ones carry memories. At least my memories. They're like these huge baskets holding pure, white memories of all people in the world. When you watch one up in the sky, the granules of the memory drops in your eyes and there, you have a memory drawn on the invisible canvas that rests behind every set of eyelids.

This time I watch my rommie praying. Eyes tightly shut, head lowered, and fingers curled around one another. I often wondered what she prays for and feel assured that at least a tinie tiny part of it was for me! Confused, after praying to Jesus for years and now suddenly praying to Krishna, she touches her forehead after the prayer, taps it twice and kisses her hand gently. I wonder if she says Amen after have said her prayer. I wonder if Krishna would understand Amen!

I can watch myself in the picture too. Sitting on my bed, making additions to the prayers offered. I remember getting my prayers exchanged, like getting a gifted dress exchanged when the size doesn't fit alright! I tell God "If she has prayed this for me You give me that instead, this I'll need only later."

I can watch God sitting there on the dusty shelf as well. He laughs out loud! "You little girl, you are a tiny devil!", He says to me while nodding His head from side to side! I blankly sit with a smile on my face, not understanding whether I should take advantage of Gods good mood and coax further to fulfill my wish or just leave it at the happy note and give Him His time.

I decide to leave it there!

The white cloud floats further showering memories on someone else and leaving me pondering over mine!


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