Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wily or Wise

After 7 long years, 3 continents, 6 cities, 4 different jobs, a marriage and a gorgeous little baby girl, I'm back to my blog! I sure am very different from what I was 7 years back! One thing, however, hasn't changed. Love! Love inspired me then and inspires me now.

So here is my first post, post this long separation! Let me know how you liked it! Here is to love, cheers!

Wily or Wise

His eyes wily, watched dryly, slyly,
Nose atrociously sharp and long,
Brows like dangerous boomerangs,
Tall and broad he stood strong.

Rude, crude, unpleasantly tabooed,
His name, they say, was Moe,
He did not greet anyone he met,
He lived in his own burrow!

As he walked he mocked his way was blocked,
He stopped to take a look,
The sternness abruptly melted away,
He no more seemed a crook.

A rose lay lost, tossed, a little squashed,
Moe picked it up with care,
He gently covered it with his palms,
And could not help but stare.

A line so fine separating evil and divine,
Is where Moe was stuck,
A little faith, a little love
Could pull him out of the muck.

It’s mad, it’s sad but we all do bad,
We all walk the line at some point,
So next time you meet a Moe walking alone,
Make sure you don’t disappoint.

Don’t judge, don’t budge, don’t hold that grudge,
Just tip him over to the good side,
You might be the help he is looking for,
To live his life with pride!


Sneha said...

Love it!! So true.. 'it's mad it's sad but we all do bad'

Meghna said...

Thanks :) For the kind words and for the motivation to start :*

Preethi said...


Meghna said...

Thanks a ton! :)

Sankalp Shere said...

Beautiful and cheeky!! Keep it coming! I suddenly remembered that I used to blog during college days as well :)

Meghna said...

Hey thanks Sankalp :) but cheeky? 🤔

Sankalp Shere said...

Moe doesn't look evil to me. He seems to be hurt and was waiting for something to change his mood..

Meghna said...

True that! :)

Mayuri said...

Beautiful ����

meghna bhujwala said...

Thanks Mayuri :)