Monday, August 6, 2007

Lessons I learnt Today!!

Very rightly said "each day teaches a new lesson"!! Today, being an overwhelming day, taught me some important lessons!!

1) Never never never expect your enthusiasm to be reciprocated.
This covers love, some project, some social service, a small plan to trek next weekend, etc etc.
It is totally unneceasary that some other person may feel as strongly you do about something. The lesson to be learnt is that your enthusiasm should not get diminished because of this. If you were enthusiastic about something it must have had some value for you!!

2) There is a difference between freedom and unnecessary rebuttal!
The meaning of freedom is not to stand against whatever is told to you. Some of it might be good for you! Freedom only means the right to think for yourself, without a bias, without any external pressure. You might too want it the way it is!!

3) "You cannot keep watching life from your window, you have to dive into it some time!!"
Life may be difficult, you might fall, you might hurt yourself, but life itself means a set of problems and how you solve them! If you don't face these problems you've hardly lived! This is not coming from my head, it was stated by a dear friend which seeped deep in my head!!

4) All your friend's parents may not be good human beings!!
This one's kind of wierd but believe me its true. If you have a best friend, lets say xyz, it doesn't mean you know everyone she knows! Trust xyz not the people she trusts!

Life is strange. Sometimes difficult, sometimes disheartening but where you shed a tear you earn a smile too!! My faith remains firm!

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