Saturday, October 6, 2007

In the darkness within me.

The trees stand tall over me. They reach out and touch the sky. Maybe it's just the deep black sky that is bending down over the trees. There seems to be a certain uniformity spread evenly around the world. Everything has been engulfed by the darkness. The few lone stars, like little warriers, twinkle vigorously to defeat the black but in vain! I sense a feeling of comfort growing in me because I know I have been swallowed by the black around me. I feel relieved to know that I am not visible. I see the world in different shades of gray. The soporific, gentle breeze fails to put me to sleep. I can sense that slight chill of the sea breeze. I can hear the waves in my head as they gush up and down without stopping or resting once! My breath is not uniform and my eyes bllink more often than usual. Alone, awake I lay, searching for something. My tired body is still but the mind is racing. Sleep seems to be angry with my eyelids and refuses to rest in them. In contrast to the silence outside me I hear soft but clear voices inside me. I wonder for a moment if anyone else can hear them too. I hear promises, praise, plans, people. Am I guilty or just doubtful?

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