Friday, November 16, 2007

Pink and gray.

Rose pink and dull gray color make a good combination together. That's all I have to say right now :p


PS: When I feel sleepy in office(which is all the time) I play a game. This is how it's played. Close your eyes (by doing that you get to sleep for a few seconds) and press the "Insert" key on the keyboard random number of times.Don't count the number of times you press the key. Then type a sentence (this part of the game might just awaken any speck of creativity in you). Then go to the middle of any word of the sentence and stop and think (this part will make you think you're doing something important). Then take a guess whether the insert is functioning as insert or uninsert( please forgive me for the foolish terminology). Then quicky press any letter on the keyboard (this will make you feel you're working on a real time project). Then see if the letter eats the letter after it or gets inserted in between. Match this result to your answer. If you are right you might feel important if you are wrong redo proceedure till you feel important or till it's time to go home, whichever is sooner. All the best.

NOTE: This game can be made more interesting by betting on the answer, keeping time limits, giving 3 chances to yourself, wearing a jeresy for the game etc etc.

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lukwhostalking said...

Wow! u have wayyyy too much free time!im guessing ur manager isnt gna be a big fan of ur blog!