Thursday, November 15, 2007


Though I always keep looking for excitment and thrill and something new in life, routine is dear to me too! Mon-Fri fly by. Weekends fly yet faster!! This basically means I am growing old to soon but it's worthy I guess.

Every morning I take the same bus to the station. I have developed a fondness for the conductor. Tall and strong, he comes with that sound of the tool (or whatever you call it) with which they make a hole in the ticket. The sound is like a "Heya! Good Morning" for me. I give him the exact fare. He wears a greyish white stubble. His spectacle perched on his big nose have bifocal glasses and he looks through them at a strange angle. I've seen him only in the khakhi uniform but I reckon had he worn something else he'd look messy. The bag he carries on his shoulder (one holding the tickets and the other change) pulls his shirt down a little exposing a little more of the brown, burnt skin. I wonder if he recognises me too.

Then I take the same train to work. A few similar faces and a few one everyday. I'd smile at the similar one's but they'd doubt I was a terrorist maybe. A lady with short black hair wearing a loose shirt over loosely fit pants stands at the door everyday. She would eaisly pass for a man had she not been in the women's compartment. As I walk down the bridge, coincidently, I land up walking behind the same old man. He walks really slow. I follow his steady steps for a while observing the world racing ahead of him. Then I race ahead too! I've never seen his face because I have never bothered to turn back after moving ahead. From behind all I've seen is that he walks with a stick and has lost most of his hair. He's kinda fat and really ill dressed. Strange that I recognise a man but not his face!

After reaching office I feel sleepy eveyday! I love my routine ;)


Anonymous said...

I feel sleepy all day in office! How do u cope with it?

Meghna said...

If the caffine, the internet and my bosses fail to keep me awake I switchh to tic tac ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Flash games can be effective too. Working seems so uninspiring!

Meghna said...

I dont believe v both blogging from office!!!! :)

Kris said...

ahhh...damn!!! i should have checked my google reader earlier, when i was still at work :P've reminded me so much of my college days...for me it was the 8:10 fast from borivli...i recognised everyone who would stand at both the doors of the coach i used to take (the one that's half 1st class and half 2nd, it's emptier than the other 2nd class coaches). i even knew the people who used to sit (there were 2 big groups of working guys in that coach). in fact, i even spotted one of those guys in my colony recently, i.e. 5 years after the last time i took that train :)