Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Theory Of Moments.

Let me explain to you the theory of moments (its my theory read at your own risk).

Life is a collection of moments. Sounds poetic but can prove painful! Indeed life is a collection of moments, or maybe I should be saying life is divided into moments by us. How often have you experienced yourself pitying a dying man(lets say an accident you saw) and laughing with pals later on the same day? Were you faking the sampathy or the joy? The answer is niether! When you saw that unknown man dying you felt for him, with all your heart, and would do anything to make him feel better. When you were with your buddies you were drenched from head to toe in their love and had forgotten the way you felt when you saw the man dying!! Theh laughter with your pals was in a disjoint moment from the dying man's!! Strange, because you were in both of them!

How often have you loved a lady and thought you can die for her and after a month wondered what the whole fuss was about? Your moment, here, was the month.

Most emoctions that we experience are only as long as the "moment"!! Damn this funda but it's true!! You'll be forgotten as eaisly as you forget others. I hate to figure out which one's the moment feeling and which one the forever feelin!!!! Maybe if I figure it out I'll post part II!


Kris said...

nice theory...but i also think that no 'moment' is forever.

your idea of a moment is just the same as saying that every emotion has a duration. since the duration of a moment is arbitrarily defined, it can be arbitrarily defined to be the duration of the emotion. hence, your theory is completely true. i.e. the duration of the moment is always the same of the duration of the emotion. :)

jc said...

yup. good you realised. there aren't any forever feelings. there might be memories to hold on too. like as in your example, if you were to think of the dying man again, you'd be sad, and if you rem the time you had with your pals, you'd be happy. (in either case your feelings might not be as strong as they were earlier). sorry, reality sucks. welcome to life...

anyways, you can hold on to you good memories. you can choose not to be sad...

fathoming de truth abt dis soul said...

dat ws sum thoery megs..
life s strange & nothing lsts 4ver.
u may even wonder was it de sam 'me' hw did dat lst day ..
i do dat on a regular basis.
all n ll...i wld say its ll fun.
somtimes u don get a word f wots going n , dat laughter more tan fills de void