Monday, December 10, 2007

The chairs in my office.

Mine is not a very grand office. I cannot use the word luxurious for it but its comfortable. The chairs in my office are stunningly attractive. There are two colors-brown and purple. Lets name my chair Khursa for the sake of reference. Khursa is muddy brown in color. Inspite of liking purple more than brown there are several reasons of me choosing Khursa over the other, purple species. Khursa can be compared to a throne on wheels. A contemporary throne. Let me start bottom-up. Octopus legs. ( Its got this one strong black leg which branches into five octopus legs. Each one has a wheel attached to it at the end. This big, black, sturdy rod supports the butt of the chair( which in turn supports our butts). Lets do some robotics here. Khursa's body has 3 degrees of freedom. I can move 360 degrees round, move the seat up and down to suit my convenience according to the distance I prefer from the screen and the backrest or the shoulder of Khursa allows me to fall back on it. The movement of the shoulder is like a spring attached to the joint. It stays straight but allows flexibility when I push back( like the times when I yawn and streach). It pushes me back to position! About the up and down movement, that is in my control. There is a rod which when lifted allows the chair to grow taller or shorter(kind of instant Bournvita). The two hands of Khursa or the arm rest is black and totally useless as all of us are using the keyboard or the mouse all the time. Maybe if we would play dashing chairs in office then it would be of some use.

In my office everyone keeps working all the time, is'nt that sad?


Kris said...

degrees of freedom!!! i forgot that!!!

i've been exploring my chair too: unproductive but geekishly fulfilling things to do at work part 2 (a.k.a. how to almost break a chair)

btw here's how you make people in your office to take a break:

when someone's hard at work, sneak up behind them, and pull the lever for the vertical release. the chair immediately sinks as low as it can, giving the person in the chair immense surprise and you immense satisfaction. a much needed break for both of you, indeed!!!

statutory warning: i'm not responsible for anything that happens to you other than the satisfaction.

Meghna said...

u'll be pleasantly surprised to know that i've already tried this. I earned a shriek followed by a smile followed by a cold shoulder!! :) Only if u were in my office!!

Kris said...

haha...i'm not had to happen, sooner or later. better sooner than later, i always say :D

lukwhostalking said...

hehe! bn there done that...once in a meeting too. One of the few fun things to do at work. oh another one is dashing chairs as u mentioned...done that too...broke one chair that way.
Oh heres another slightly violent one...
1.catch a person hard at work at his terminal.
2. gather a grp of ppl and their chairs.
3. on a count of three push all your chairs hard into the hard workers.
4. RUN!!!!
Satisfaction guarunteed!