Monday, December 10, 2007


I'm sad, depressed, frustrated and angry [:-X] grrrr!! Btw my (orkut) fortune today morning said "Our first and last love is self-love". Maybe someday I'll be able to fly. Maybe I need to catch some sleep!!! BIG TIME!!

This text is bold.

This text is italics.

This is pink in color.

थिस इस इन हिन्दी स्क्रिप्ट ऎंड इंग्लिश लंगुअगे।

यह पुरा हिन्दी है।

This is a link to nowhere.

  • This is in bulleted list. (The list, however, is missing.)
  1. This is numbered list. (The list, however, is missing.)



Meghna said...

Sorry but my bullets and numbers have turned into flowers!! :(

Meghna said...

I'm feeling like punching everyone around me on their respective noses. i had doubts if the word noses existed but it does..thank god!

jc said...

learning html? or just venting? i believe its the latter...
take care sweetheart

Kris said...

<surprise>you're still sad and depressed and angry?</surprise>

<advice>ask yourself what, and why. please talk to someone about it. be prepared to tell the truth.</advice>

<wish>hope your day ends better than it started!</wish>


Meghna said...

@ jc: just venting..rhyming words for vent are rent, dent, tent, bent, lent, meant, dreamt..etc.

@ kris: < hi > m just bored < /hi >
how did u write the surprise tag? I cant even do that :(

Sid said...

u need a break, dear. Try a leave or something of that sort.