Friday, December 28, 2007

To My Readers,

Why does one blog? One goes through so many emotions in a second. There's so much to tell, so much to share. Talking your life out in one lifetime sounds impossible! Hence, to be able to express, one blogs! That's obviously what I think.

I am not a computer geek who thinks my computer breathes through the pores on the monitor so its kind of obvious that when I publish a post, subconciously, I want it to be read by someone who does breathe through the pores!! The biggest and the most precious experience one can feel is to be heard. Half the wound is healed when it is heard out by someone. No success story is a story till its heard. No happiness holds value till it is shared. When you read my posts and leave me a comment I feel alive. I realize there are other people floating in this space of the Almighty with me. I feel listened to :) Most of the times I write only what He puts in my head. Once someone asked me "How do you think of all this"?, I replied saying "I don't think, thoughts come and sit in my head." When you manage to strike some sense out of the jumbled up emotions that I serve on this platter I realize what I wrote!!

So, my adorable readers, its time I thank you all, with all my heart, for hearing me out!



tweety said...

You are welcome :)

Kris said...

...and i loved listening as much as you loved being heard out :)

oh and i don't breathe through my pores, but if you insist, i'll try :P

Meghna said...,M1

Every human absorbs oxygen through his skin(pores) :p