Sunday, December 30, 2007

I am a Copy CAT

Sine I read a blog narrating a summary of 2007, even I felt like doing so. Though I had a story in mind to put in words today, let me respect the urgency of time. The story can wait.

In 2007..

I completed a project at college wherin I put my heart andd soul.

I got my first distinction at a B.E. school.

I got my first job.

I rejected two (good) jobs I got.

I stepped out of my shell and kept my first footstep in the world.

I graduated.

I decided what I wanted to become in life.

I realized my decisions hold no permanent value!

I fell ill and was hospitalized the first time in my life.

I overcame my fear of the needle.

I loved.

I dreamed.

I dared.

I trusted.

My trust was broken as a result of which I trusted more eaisly(strange)!

I realized that the world was beautiful and tempting despite the bad in it.

I realized that if you doubt Him then you should'nt expect any help from Him.

I realized everyone cannot be your friend, but friends are precious.

I realized it was'nt all that weak to cry in front of well wishers.

I realized that you cannot control life you can just channelize it.

I thought, for the first time in my life, to do what I wanted to rather than what I was supposed to.

I learnt I was as vulnarable to goof ups as any other fellow.

I enrolled in something that might decide the next 40 years of my life.

I realized for the first time in life that I can think for myself!

I started wearing long earings out of my own free will though I still dislike the grape earings.

I realized that beauty is within.


Khyati said...

i like d grape earnings!!!!
n i didnt know u disliked dem sooo much

Kris said...

i realised that i just inspired someone...thanks :)

all the best for's gonna be a great year!!!

tweety said...

"I realized it was'nt all that weak to cry in front of well wishers".Thats a really good thing to know coz i still remember our conservation about crying!