Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Good Day!!

I was walking to office. "Oye" my friend called out from behind. I turned back, smiled and jumped into the rickshaw. I entered office and filled the muster. "Aaj abhi ke liye kuch mat kar, project is on hold for now." my project leader said.

Music. Pure music!

God only knows how long this will last. Indee its a good day today. Atleast a good start! Will come back soon with a universe full of untold, unexpressed emotions, if my freedom stays a little longer! Cheers!


Gandalf said...

Lucky you! I have to work now :( But its not so bad :)

Kris said... awesome! for me the only days i don't have to think about work are saturday and sunday :(

Anonymous said...

U Lucky Gal!
May v hv a blog on TEN BEST THNGS TO DO IN OFFICE on sucha day?