Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Few Things I'd Rather be Without.

Though the world is beautiful, there are certain things which stink (besides the latrines at Andheri station, there are many more). Here are a few of them :

1) Monday mornings.
2) Screaming dad's.
3) Psychic friends/boyfriends.
4) Belated birthdays. (It's a kind of a guilt a murderer would feel after killing a mosquito that's not even sucking his blood!!)
5) Corrupt cd's
6) Dogs with manners (the very meaning of being born as a dog ceases)
7) Undone eyebrows.(mine included)
8) Kissing aunts.
9) Oiled hair.
10) Pervertish stare.
11) Dying spiders.
12) Mating flies.
13) Difficult Math sums,

and many more!!! I want to scream aloud but I have a sore throat!


Kris said...

you put *dogs with manners* on the same level as *screaming dad/psycho boyfriend*??!!! either you really hate the former or you have never had one of the latter :P

Meghna said...

huh..wat..huh?? I cannot identify the details..all i know is that i feel itchy wen i encounter all of the above mentioned!

Gandalf said...
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Gandalf said...

how about a well mannered dog with oiled hair giving a pervert-ish stare at a mating fly couple (listening to a corrupt cd) on a monday morning?

jc said...

i think you mean psycho not psychic, psychic means someone with extra telepathic powers kind of thing...

lukwhostalking said...

heres another...
SOBs like the mumbai molestors!!
n the bloody spineless bystanders!!
n the cop who just shooed them away!!