Sunday, January 6, 2008

Pink skin.

I have started to appreciate God's process of recovery. It's almost magical. I'm all pink skin right now. Vulnerable, delicate, beautiful. When you're wounded, burnt, cut etc. after a few days your wound (magically) starts to heal. A newborn, pink skin covers the once bare flesh. Its almost translucent, as if made of a pink fluid. Like the strawberry flavor jelly that's only half solidified.

God's process of healing is just as beautiful as all the other things He's created. I feel new things. I breathe new air. I watch a new sky the walks with me. I absorb the world with a new enthusiasm and I love with more truth with more passion!

Heal my soul,
Heal my heart,
Heal my love,
A brand new start,
Make me pink,
I know You will,
Heal me Lord,
Let the magic spill!


tweety said...

when will GOD heal me? :((

Kris said...

get well soon...both of you!!!