Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Addiction kills.

Today I am feeling a terrible sense of guilt. The kinds you would feel after getting drunk and sleeping with a lady you never loved but did respect. Basically, the guilt you feel after screwing up something that you've nourished (with the greatest difficulties) in just a weak moment. I simply hate weak moments! They're tough enemies! I'm feeling like an addict who suddenly finds that all his drug resources have exhausted. That would be a good thing, just that the addict doesn't feel the same.

I feel suffocated by the memories that haunt me. I don't even know the worth of "objects" any more.

Anyway, I intended to write a seperate post on the moon last night. I'll just mention it here. It was full, big and beautifully golden. It was like a golden balloon suspended into the night! It looked fuller than the normal full moon and heavier than usual. It was glamorous and dazzling!


Kris said...

you know what it feels like to have slept with a lady that you never loved but did respect?

i'm stunned on more levels than i can count.

Meghna said...

kris, jus go away!!! GRRR!!!