Tuesday, January 22, 2008


:O( Radio Mirchi promised a song but never played it. Not fair.

I've been humming a song I'd learnt in school years. Things are slightly blue today. Maybe even a shade of gray. God, may these gray days pass soon! I feel envious more often these days. I need to listen to music more often. I pray less. I think more. I talk more. I hide more. I feel more hungry. I feel more fat. I don't feel like like saving for the future. I don't feel like struggling for a secure or bright future. I feel older. I eat more ice creams. I smile more but laugh less. Blah.

I wanted to be on an 'XYZ' project but they put me on a 'ABC' project. What a turn off man! Just in case you're wondering what I am trying to say, well, nothing much. I kept typing whatever my brain dictated without ant censoring!

Have a good day.


Kris said...

which song? i might be able to send it to you...once my net starts working at home :P

gray days pass quickly as they arrive. you'll be surprised :)

Meghna said...

*you'll be surprised* my orkut fortune today sasy: "Aplesant surprise is in store for you."