Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Agonizing Dissappearance of the Dogs

When I walk to office, I come across this hut outside which two large (hound-ish) dogs are tied to a pillar. The hut doesnt even have electricity. It's small, shabby and almost roofless. They're beautiful when chained and dangerous when free. Everyday I greet them a telepathic good morning, admiringly look at them and move ahead. Though both are the same breed and almost equally big, one of them carries a mother-like, kind expression and the other carries a cruel, step-mom kind of expression. I like both of them though.

Today neither of them was there! Is that a sign? A good one or a bad one? Where are the dogs? What if the cruel one has torn down someone's skin? Who's the owner of the hut? Considering that someone has (miraculously) left behind the best chair in office, maybe its a good sign! But I miss my dogs. I hope I see them on my way back home.


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