Friday, January 11, 2008

I Died Looking at the Moon.

I was bleeding. I couldn't take the pain. The agony and the fear grew with every passing second. I cried in pain. I needed help. I ran towards the door that was the closest to me and knocked with mad fear grasping me and choking me. No answer.

"Maybe they didn't hear me" , I thought to myself. I knocked louder. They don't want to answer! Half my world sank in disappointment. I ran to the next door and knocked. No answer. Suddenly I could feel the pain aggravate, this time inside me. I could feel my warm tears run down my eyes. Clinging on to the last ray of hope inside me and kept knocking. No answer. I ran to the third door. My vision became blur. I kept knocking. No answer. I cried, screamt.

I was running towards the fourth door. Somehow, I could feel the black inside me mearging with the black outside. I could feel my senses fail and my reflexes drown. I kept running. Half way down I fell hard on the ground. There was no motion. Right above me I saw the moon. The rest was all dark. I heard no sounds. All the sounds drowned in the screams inside me. I kept staring at the moon. Crying. Screaming. Alone.

"I don't want to die, please open the door", I kept pleading inside. I cried. I didn't want to die. The moon seemed to go further from me. No. This is not happening. No, please don't. No. No.

I died there. Waiting, wanting, pleading. I died looking at the moon. I died.


jc said...

continuation... (if i may)
I died there. Waiting, wanting, pleading. I died looking at the moon. I died.

Now from my point of view...
She died. What she hadnt realised yet was that she didnt need those doors to survive. She could save herself. She didnt need to fear being alone. She didnt need to fear dying alone.
She died without knowing that there were people who cared for her. I just hope that shes happy, wherever she is now.

tweety said...

Even I hope she is happy wherever she is now...lovely meghs,the way u have described it is amazing..

Sankalp said...

just had near-death experience :).
thanks to you.