Friday, January 11, 2008

What to do?

I often find myself in situations where I just don't understand how to react, I'll describe one of them.

The guy who is sitting next to me and talking about life and all the senti stuff burps. Now, all of us burp. But we all dont burp the way he does. The emboldened effects of this makes me want to step back and say "yuck"!!!! Now, very sincerely the guy says "I'm sorry yaar, burping in front of a girl and all".

The way the apology has been made almost makes me say "It's okay re". But what the hell it's not okay!!!

So, what to do?

P.S. :Am I way too disgusting? This is a very sincere question, I really don't know what to do!!


Gandalf said...

Just be thankful that the burps are not coming from further south! :D

Question: Did the burping put an end to the talking? In that case, you have one more thing to be thankful for (hopefully)! :)

Meghna said...

Dats no answer!! leave me an answer yaar!! Wat m i to do?

tweety said...

Tell him in a polite and joking manner that u dont like it so that he doesnt feel bad.. :) thats the best way.

lukwhostalking said...

tell him u author a blog and u'd really like his views on ur posts.

Kris said...

i agree with tweety :)

oh and you're not disgusting...talking about burping is fine, burping isn't :D

tweety said...

of course meghs u r not disgusting..burping is really eeksssssssssss. i mean i know sometimes ppl cant avoid burping but still its eekssssss

jc said...

forget it. there are better things in life to worry about.