Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All is me.

Three disjoint incidents which inspite of being, well, disjoint are connected for obvious reasons:

1) It was raining heavily. I had an umbrella. It had a hole in it. I got soaked. A thought crossed my mind "Float".

2) A spider (which looked like two spiders) scratched it's head.

3) A man with one leg and one clutch stood steady with an even more steady stare.

This is not an incident but I'll mention it anyway. A man sat in a cafe thinking about the curves (in his life or in the lady half in his life I don't know) when suddenly a huge iron ball broke in through the glass window and fell on him and killed him. Sometimes I really think I am God but I'm not aware about it. Have a good day readers!

1 comment:

gandalf said...

You are aware of it when you can think about it :) I guess I can share my powers with you...