Friday, February 22, 2008

Decibel Levels

My office is quieter than a graveyard. Atleast a few dried leaves rustle in a graveyard (atleast in movies). If you stand at the main door of my office and take a look around it feels as if you're watching a mute movie. Everyone is talking to others, just without the sound. (Ofcourse in the breaks we release the hooligans in us)! Anyway, the result of this "dumb" place is that I cannot tolerate people talking loudly at home!! Lately I've been telling my parents to talk softly, or turn down the volume of the television till a point of irritating them!!

However, strangely, I need my music real loud. I almost seem deaf to music. Most of the times I'm trying to turn the volume beyond the max. limit! Slow music is just as irritating as loud chit-chatting! (I'm not sure if that's a hyphenated word.) Under normal circumstances I would survey on this but I'm a little over occupied with the winding up at office! So would someone volunteer? Am I going deaf?

1 comment:

tweety said...

Welcome to my world!!Even I was feeling this from lotsa days and I used to keep thinking y talking loud makes me feel irritated.. I think even I am facing the same prob :)