Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grand Brand Name

We were having a pleasant chat in the lunch break in office. Here's a bit of our conversation in verbatim:

S: Tu toh jayegi na abhi thode dino mein.
M: Yaa. (smile)
S: Job ya further studies?
M: Further studies.
S: What have you done? (cute expression, a concentrated hard look)
M: B.E.
S: B.E. in what?
(M talking to another friend sitting nearby)
S: B.E. kisme?
M: Computers.
S: Computers acha. ( extremely cute expression!)
S: Which college?
S: (super duper samurai cute expression of surprise, almost stood up from his chair in surprise!)
S: What are you doing here!!
M: (smile)
S: Kabhi kisi senior ne kuch chilaya vilaya hai? Kabhi hoga toh tu samne chilla, fir certificate fake uske muuh pe, aur bol ye dekho!"
M: (delighted)



tweety said...

Awesome!!Actually I cant stop smiling on the way he said :) well will call u and ask who this 's' is?

Meghna said...


Siddhesh said...

Ya it happens. Same happened with me in Citi.

Btw where r u leaving?

perivamsi said...

awesome story :) but you don't have your original certificate yet to throw at his face :P